Complimentary email

This is a uniquely worded and complimentary email I received in 2015. It is about councillors’ executive assistant.

Thank you for the attentive listening and inspiring words offered when I helplessly approached the council office in extremely distressing circumstances. Such an outcome was least expected in a nearly time run out the issue. Your commendable action by seeing things effortlessly deeper and clearer beyond the common intellectuals made it possible.

Disregard of the outcome, the issue was addressed by you with uncommon degree of wisdom and compassion without even slightest hint then, that a weak and volatile stranger’s issue could eventually meet such a resolve. The humanitarian gestures, the ethos and the attitude you maintained towards a fellow resident’s grievances are self explanatory to your praiseworthy nature, and the underlying great traditions, cultures of a growing organization. Such sensible and insightful action also defines the fine quality of brain stocks, fuelling the impressive performance of a city council that is second to none in the world of its category.

I am sorry for my delayed responses due to my ongoing circumstances. Surely it is nothing less than a social crime on my part, if such exemplary official decorum’s are left unacknowledged. In situations as this, where action speaks louder than the voice, I cannot find a word good enough to express my innately simmering warm emotions and feelings of gratitude.

Farsighted visionaries of a role model Council had again displayed how core elements of social justice are vibrantly maintained in the premise in perfect harmony. My undertaking on compliance with council’s effective parking policies has already been submitted and I am grateful that genuine serving spirit and human emotions are not overridden with regulatory provisions.

Even if patrons could have allocated 25 cents per hour for the months together volunteering services rendered, this fine should have been easily settled. The least they should have informed the facts appropriately, to help to avoid a promised issue getting dragged for so long.

As growing up, I had actively carried out various charitable disaster relief and human services projects. Now in the prevailing circumstances your celestial intervening act made me feel repaying my karma in many folds. I remain committed to put back to the society the respite authorities extended to me with enhanced vigor. Please feel free to call me for any opportunity to volunteer and serve the council and its community.

I humbly express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Cr Sean O’ Reilly, the Mayor of City of Greater Dandenong and all council officials who expedited the issue by granting me the leniency.

You are a too good citizen to the world and indeed nature’s wonderful gift to the people around. Opulence and prosperity will always surround you all. Last week after meeting you, I returned home with deep imprints of seeing an immaculate creation of the Almighty God and whether we meet again or not that will remain ever lingering in my heart.