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Birth of the Dandenong Historical Society

By Jenny Ferguson We received a donation of some newspaper clippings a few years ago, saved by Dave Mickle Snr between 1963 and 1965. Dave was our first president and our first life member. These clippings from the Dandenong Journal provided us an insight into the establishment of the Society, its collection, and the focus …

Merle Mitchell AM

Merle Mitchell AM

Merle was a leader although she would probably not agree with me giving her that title. But she was a person who did effect change.   Beginnings In the 1970’s Springvale was developing as a new suburb: new housing estate with unmade roads. The 1971 census showed that the city’s population increased by 20,000 people. Springvale’s …

Question: Why can’t I get a resident parking permit?

Greater Dandenong City Council does not issue resident parking permits.  I have followed this up with council officers some time ago, and I know, understand and agree with the reasons why this council does not issue resident parking permits. In my opinion, if Council did issue resident parking permits, some of the negative impacts would …

Street lighting faults, damage or graffiti.

For all such inquiries, please lodge them via the United Energy website https://www.unitedenergy.com.au/contact-us/reportstreetlight/ OR if it relates to streetlighting emergencies, please call 132 099. By dealing directly you should receive a more efficient response back. Contact me if any problems.

Crown Land videos

Local open space areas specifically related to Crown land. Videos by Deb Murray.

Former Cr Zaynoun Melhem

Zaynoun, we remember you as a young boy (we understand this was probably both a blessing and a curse for you!), and we watched as you proudly followed in your father’s footsteps.  Having seen how hard you worked for your local residents, representing local views and priorities  – we absolutely know you didn’t take anything …

Former Cr Matthew Kirwan

Matthew, you recognised that participation is a key feature of a well-functioning community and you played a very strong advocacy role in creating a more inclusive and engaged city – determined to empower residents and community groups whilst highlighting and working towards addressing many human rights disparities.

Former Cr Youhorn Chea

Youhorn, during your 23 years on Council you acted as a great ambassador for the city. You openly shared the details of your journey of arriving and settling in Australia as a refugee. This honesty sparked an important ‘rethink’ in how we view social cohesion and helped us develop a respectful pathway forward for all …

Why do council candidates all say the same thing?

It’s council campaign time again. And again I hear these common questions: Here’s the insider’s view of why.

What does a local councillor do?

A councillor is a member of a “board of directors” Councillors provide input and give final approval to council policies, and the council’s annual budget.