Question: cars blocking driveways

The following is an edited summary of the response I received from the Director regarding parking issues.

While Stopping on or across a driveway (or any other access for vehicles to or from adjacent land) is an offence under the Victorian Road Rules (Sec. 198 (2)) there is however no distance stipulated in the Victorian legislation.

There are exceptions to this such as dropping off or picking up a passenger, ensuring the driver does not leave their vehicle unattended and moving the vehicle on as soon as possible or within two minutes afterwards.

This information is readily available on a number of websites should people seek it with examples provided below.

We do have a couple of brochures on Council’s website in relation to a couple of matters which have been ‘high profile’ of late. Please see the following link:


Can residents report an incident with a photo, and then an infringement be issued by council?

Council officers would not issue an infringement notice based solely on a picture attached to a report from a resident. The matter would , however, be rostered for a council patrol once a resident’s Snap Send Solve is received.

While the council could roster some shifts in the future to cover some of these times in the future, I would also encourage residents to contact Victoria Police should the matter fall outside of our council patrol hours. This information is provided to customers by the council’s after-hours service provider should they contact the council after business hours. Victoria Police are authorised to issue infringements for Victorian Road Rules offences.