I have called for a greater focus on development of services within the growing area of Keysborough, and in particular the south part of Keysborough, unofficially known as “Keysborough South”.

One view that council could take is that these people chose to live in Keysborough, and have paid less to rent or own in Keysborough due to its relatively little infrastructure. This view could be that as these people have chosen to live in Keysborough, they will be content with things as they are.

However, a more responsible and proactive view should be taken by council. Council has begun planning for a Keysborough South community hub, however we need to make sure that funds are prioritised in future budgets.

If these infrastructure needs are not met, residents of Keysborough will be largely dependent on cars to access some services, which adds to traffic and parking congestion.

Council should acknowledge that having the new developments in Keysborough offsets the need for greater development, with the associated traffic and parking issues, in our existing activity centres of Dandenong, Springvale and Noble Park.

Call for rate hike
Keysborough South Action Group