Frequently asked questions

Why you are you standing for council?

I am standing for re-election as I like to speak up to ensure all of the community gets a fair go. As well as this, I love to go to community functions and speak with people from all the different cultural backgrounds in Greater Dandenong. I have an inquisitive mind and learn new things by asking questions.

What is the experience you bring to the position of councillor?

I have been a councillor since 2012, including mayor in 2015. I have an Associate Diploma of Business and have graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

What is your association with the community?

I have been a resident of Springvale since 2007. I have served as councillor for 4 years. I am President and have served on Springvale Rise Primary School Council for 8 years.

Are you aligned or involved in any political groups?

I am a member of the Australian Labor Party but funded independently.

What is the biggest issue facing Greater Dandenong and how would you tackle it?

Resources to manage traffic and parking. Delivering community infrastructure efficiently with low rate increases.

What are the key things you want to achieve if elected?

  1. See the plans for Springvale library and civic centre and Springvale Boulevard through
  2. Develop new parks & gardens for areas that need it most.  Due to my motion at council being passed, council will now be allocating millions of dollars each year to restore the imbalance
  3. Maintain strong parking management to reduce congestion

What do you think are current key issues for the City of Greater Dandenong and what are your views about it?

The biggest issue is rate capping, which means that in real terms the money that council can spend will reduce each year.  It’s important that council services are prioritised based on fairness and not politically.

Who are you preferencing?

I encourage voters to preference based on who they think has the most merit.

How many Council meetings have you attended?

Since my election in 2012, I have the highest attendance record of any councillor.  From memory, I missed one or two meetings as I was ill.