Candidate questionaire


Sean O’Reilly.


Springvale North.

Suburb of residence:


How long have you lived in Greater Dandenong?

13 years.


Senior Analyst Programmer.

Business/employer name:

Kmart Australia.

Property interests:

One unit in Springvale I reside in, and one unit in Noble Park.

Business interests:

Minor holding of Wesfarmers shares.

Have you run for council/ been a councillor before, or run for any other level of government? If so, please list details (where, when, length of time, etc). 

Candidate, City of Glen Eira, 1997.

Councillor, City of Greater Dandenong, 2012 –

Are you/have you been a member of a political party? If yes, which party and what faction? If no, what party do you most identify with?

I’m a member of the Australian Labor Party. I receive no funding from the Australian Labor Party. Council decisions are made by myself, with no political influence.

What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign?

No assistance from MPs. Within a campaign or not, I talk with other councillors regularly, and other councillors ask me for advice from time to time.

What is your campaign budget?

Prefer not to disclose. I’ll spend to get my positive messages to voters.

Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed?

I am completely self-funded, and I do not accept donations. This demonstrates that the only thing that influences my decisions are the best interests of residents.

Which candidates are your ‘running mates’?


Who will you direct your preferences to?

There are only three candidates in my ward. I think it best that voters choose their own order of preference.

Describe your involvement in the local community (in 50 words or less):

Eight years of experience as councillor and former mayor. My website, seanoreilly.com.au has an extensive list of things I’ve achieved.

Example of ‘inappropriate development’ in your ward?

Some development is OK. But when developers just try to maximise profit at the expense of surrounding residents, I have spoken out and voted to block the development.

What type of new development would you support in Greater Dandenong’s Green Wedge (Housing/commercial/recreational/industrial/none)?

There should be no change to the existing green wedge rules.

Three most important issues for your ward (in 50 words or less)?

  1. Now more than ever, low rates, particularly those affected most by COVID.
  2. After restrictions are eased, traffic congestion and parking issues.
  3. A clean environment. Continue to monitor and stop rubbish dumping.

What extra Covid-19 relief does your community need?

We’re assessing and targeting relief to those most in need. Many residents are really battling. Traders have been hit hard. It’s important to target more relief to the people that need it most.

Your Covid-19 lockdown hobby?

Juggling and supporting my family.